Your donations to the clinic are gratefully acknowledged and will be applied to the respective Urgent Care or Primary Care category as you have selected. The distribution of your donation within that category will be determined by the board of directors in consultation with the clinic manager. This includes category subsets such as operating expenses, staff training, and capital equipment, as well as other areas of need.

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Make A Donation To Primary Care

Not only do patients benefit from the donations received by outstanding members of the community, but our staff can also receive the resources and equipment necessary to provide quality care to those in need.

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Make A Donation To Urgent Care

Donations are appreciated and welcome from anyone that has received treatment from the Basin Clinic that feels the care they received went above and beyond any expectations before arriving to the facility, or any of our business partners that wish to help see our wonderful little facility grow.

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Colorado Rural Health Center
Kathryn Steele
Quality Improvement Specialist
(970) 901-9184


Telluride Foundation
Lynn Borup
Executive Director
(970) 708-7096